Facility Features

Southern California Golf Facility

Facility Features

V1 Video Analysis Software

V1 motion analyzer is the absolute best way to visually understand what is going on in your golf swing. The vast majority of the population learn best visually, and V1 has never made it easier with their V1 Pro software. My Mentor Jim McLean used to always say "don't tell me show me".

Opinions are all over the board but video is hard to argue. V1 allows me to make personalized videos for every single lesson explaining in verbal and visual detail what the game plan is for when you practice and play. I have a database of over 3000 tour swings ranging from the 1950's to present day. Certain fundamentals stand the test of time. That is what learning this great game is all about!

SAM Putt Lab

The SAM PuttLab gives golfers a scientifically precise feedback on all relevant parameters of their putting stroke. For the first time SAM PuttLab allows an individual and sensationally efficient putt-training with ascertainable success.

SAM PuttLab is an analysis and training system based on an accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better and more efficient training.

Uneven Lie Board

This piece of equipment is an absolute must at any top academy. How many lies on the golf course are perfectly flat? Learn through repetition how to hit the ball solid off of every type of lie, as well as what ball flight to expect. I also like to use the uneven lie trainer to help shape my student’s swings.

For example, if your swing is too upright and you tend to slice the ball, hitting on a slope with the ball above your feet will give you the draw feel you need to straighten out your ball flight and hit the ball farther!

Wedge Range

Unlike the full swing where you just change the club to alter the distance, wedge shots inside of 100 yards have a huge feel component. That is why we have nine 4x4 targets from 20 all the way to 100 yards for my students to gain this feel through practice.

I actually got this concept from a very accomplished teacher by the name of Mike Bender out in Orlando Florida. He designed a similar range and Zach Johnson attributes his stellar wedge performance in his 2007 Masters victory to spending so much time on his range.


Golf is all about feel, and what a better way to get a feel for the correct way to swing a golf club than by using the Explanar. It helps both through a visual explanation that we swing on a tilted circle, and through kinesthetic by allowing you to feel a perfect arc back and through!


New BodiTrak Smart Fabric Sensors open a whole new way for people to interact with their world. With BodiTrak surfaces become intelligent and comfort a reality. No more one size fits all, but solutions that really adapt to the person, increasing productivity, comfort and health.

BodiTrak is a combination of an elastic, breathable pressure mapping sensor that is very easy to use and is also conveniently designed to make integration into surfaces practical and affordable.

Student Testimonials

"I've had a pleasure knowing Devan for the last 3 years. Professionally Devan has shown an extensive knowledge of the golf game and golf swing. I've spent several hours discussing with him in length how the golf swing works. Devan is a great communicator and teacher of what a student should know & learn with his golf game. I've also watched Devan interact with his students and have admired the relationships he's built with his students while helping them understanding what they need to progress with their game."

- Akin Ayodele
Former NFL Athlete

“Devan studied very hard with me in Miami to get certified with the Jim McLean Golf School. He taught for my Golf school and for my Junior Golf Academy in Fort Worth, Texas. Devan has worked very hard to learn his craft. I’m very proud of his teaching skills”

- Jim Mclean
#3 Ranked Teacher Nationally by Golf Digest.

"In my opinion Devan is one of the best young golf instructors in the United States. During his time working at The Jim McLean Golf School we worked a ton with Devan and I was always impressed with his preparation and ability to communicate. The Members at Revolution Golf always left raving reviews regarding his instructional videos. If you are looking to improve your game from someone understands it and can play… Devan is your guy"

- Justin Tupper
Founder of Revolution Golf

“I have worked with Devan a number of times doing testing on Trackman. We look at which drivers are performing best for me, as well as other factors that play a large part in long drive – club path, face angle in relation to club path, attack angle, and decent angle. With Devan’s help, I’m able to make the necessary adjustments that will give me the best chance of winning!”

- Mike Dobbyn
2007 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion

"When I started working with Devan I didn't know that much about the golf swing. However, after working with him over a stretch of around two years, my knowledge and understanding of my own golf swing improved greatly. He helped me understand my miss and exactly what I needed to do to hit predictable and different types of golf shots."

- Scott Podsednik
2005 World Series Champion


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