New Student Assessment

Complete Game Assessment

Your route to better golf starts with a New Student Complete Game Assessment at the Southern California Golf Academy.

We will take you through a fun hour long process that will highlight your strengths and show where the weak points of your game are located, allowing us to devise a game plan that is tailored specifically to you and your goals.

What to Expect when you arrive

Upon arriving at the Southern California Golf Academy you will be greeted by one of our Teaching Assistance who will carry your golf bag and introduce your lead instructor.

At this point the Lead Instructor will assess your set of golf clubs and begin inquiring about the current state of your game.

This is the get to know you and your goals phase with questions such as: What goals do you have for your golf game? What do you perceive as your games strengths and weaknesses? How much practice time are you committed to doing each week?

What to expect during the assessment

After some time to warm up time we will have you do full swing shots with your pitching wedge, 7 iron and driver on both the Trackman Launch Monitor that will also be film each swing with high speed cameras as well as Boditrak Pressure plates so we can get your trace (Where your weight is on the ground throughout the swing) so we have a baseline for your current swing.

Next up is the SAM Putting lab to see the exact dynamics of your putting stroke and its current effectiveness. Then you will be taken over to the shortgame area to do a number of putting, chipping and short pitching game that will give you a rating for each.

Lastly, you will head to our signature wedge range for shot beteen 20 and 60 yards. After Completing the assessment you and your lead instructor will go over your result and offer his or her recommendation on what would be the most effective game plan for you to reach your golfing goals.

What You Get to take home:

All of this professional analysis is only a mere $99.

  • Video if swing down the line and front on with corresponding trackman numbers, and Boditrak data.
  • SAM Putt Lab test scores
  • Short game grades
  • K-coach bio dynamics evaluation which will measure what the body doing during the swing.
  • Finish with Lead instructor going over data with student and trying to convert to Member.

Armed with your assessment and our expert instruction you will be achieving your goals and playing the best golf of your life in no time.

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