Welcome to the future of golf instruction, we are with you all the way.

Golf Schools at the Southern California Golf Academy are designed to not only give you the skills and understanding you need to improve, but also accelerated the learning process to jump start your success in golf for years to come.

– James H
Carlsbad CA

The best golf instructions in San Diego!

If you’re even thinking about signing up, I say go for it!  I’m 40 and have never played sports. Two years ago, I picked up the game of golf and fell in love with it right away.  The first time I played 18 holes, I shot about 180 (not counting the times I swung and missed the ball).  

The lessons with Gary Nutt made an immediate impact on my performance.  I saw improvement right away. Gary analyzed my swing, identified the biggest issues, then chipped away at them one by one.  Now, two years later my handicap is 15.1 and my current lowest score for 18 holes is 81, playing from the blue tees. My coworkers comment constantly on how fast I’ve improved and I love the game more than ever.

2 Day player performance school