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Mike Maggs

Owner | 2024 Golf Digest Best in State CA

Mike is Owner and Director of Instruction for CaliGolf Instruction. A disciple of Jim McLean’s, Mike previously served as an Instructor at the PGA West Golf Academy and Jim McLean Golf School, both at PGA West La Quinta Resort and Spa. He also owned and operated the Maggs Golf Academy at the Golf Club at Terra Lago in Indio before partnering with Devan Bonebrake at the Southern California Golf Academy in 2017 and was cofounder of Studio golf Club in 2021.  Mike has now move on and become the proud owner of CaliGolf Instruction here in Carlsbad Ca and a 2024 Golf Digest Best in State Golf Coach CA.
Mike his proficient in a number of cutting-edge golf technologies, including TrackMan. Mike believes the student needs to understand themselves and their swing, commit completely to the solution and enjoy THE PROCESS of getting better. If these ingredients are in place, anyone with the proper guidance can reach their golfing goals whether that is Playing professionally, lowering their handicap and just have a ton of fun on the golf course.
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Jason Hong, PGA

PGA Instructor | Academy Director

Jason Hong comes to us from Arrowood Golf Course where he was the PGA Director of Instruction. He attended Arizona State University where he received his degree in Business Management and earned his PGA Professional accreditation in 2014.

He believes that simplifying the golf swing and the thought process are very important to the everyday golfer. The simpler your swing, the easier it is to have a swing that is more repeatable and consistent.

With his wealth of knowledge and access to our cutting edge Golf technologies, Jason will be able to take your game to the next level and make you better than you’ve ever been.

Jason has also been nominated by the Southern California Professional Golf Association for the Youth Developmental Leadership award in 2019 for growing the Junior golf programs and helping promote the PGA Junior League and was featured in California Golf and Travel Magazine two months in a row for his Short Game and Driver instructional tips.

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Conner Johnson

Lead Instructor | Elite Juniors

Conner Johnson recently nominated for the prestigious Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America and is a CaliGolf Academy Lead Instructor. Prior to his time here at CaliGolf Instruction, Conner spent several years at the Jim McLean Elite Junior Golf Center In Ft Worth, Texas. While with Jim McLean, Conner worked with a number of the top Junior golfers in America. Conner enjoys working with players of all abilities from the High Performance Juniors to the Weekend Golfer, or just anyone looking to pick up the game and have fun!

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Baze Allen

Certified Instructor 

Baze is a highly skilled golf instructor who found his calling in an unconventional way. After an honorable stint in the Marine Corps, Baze faced the challenge of reintegrating into civilian life. His search for purpose led him to golf, a game he quickly fell in love with and decided to turn into a career.

His professional journey took him to Carlsbad, California, where he attended the Golf Academy of America. Although the academy closed during his enrollment, Baze saw this as an opportunity rather than a setback. He took a part-time role at the Carlsbad Golf Center, learning the ropes from some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry.

Today, Baze holds multiple certifications, including David Leadbetter Level 2 and David Leadbetter Kids. He is also fitting-certified by leading golf brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist, and many others.

Baze’s passion for golf isn’t merely a personal obsession; it’s a transformative experience he wishes to share. His teaching philosophy extends beyond the technicalities of the game. Baze aims to help others find a similar sense of purpose and centeredness that he found, underscoring golf’s broader life lessons.

With his unique background, hands-on experience, and a multitude of certifications, Baze isn’t just another golf instructor; he is a mentor who uses the game of golf as a vehicle for positive change.

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Elliot Powers 

Putting Specialist

Elliot Powers is a our certified Vision Putting Instructor and Putting Specialist at CaliGolf Instruction and is passionate about golf and dedicated to helping you make putting a strength in your game.

Elliot studied under one of the most wellrecognized and accomplished putting specialists, Dr. Craig Farnsworth, and is take that knowledge to provide you with the highest level of putting instruction available.

With his help, you will learn the fundamentals of putting, from green reading to the mental approach.  Elliot is putting instruction leverages state of the art golf technologies, such as Blast Motion and SAM Putt Lab, to give you the best possible diagnostic assessment.

“My goal is to help all levels of golfers improve their putting, so you cansee it and sink it!”  Elliot Powers

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In our opinion it is the teachers job to adapt to the student not the other way around. Our goal with each student is to find the areas of your game that need the most help and turn them into strengths.

In order to improve, a golfer needs to know EXACTLY what they are currently doing, what they want to do instead, and what path will take them there.

Our different advanced technologies provide our students the ability to greatly shorten the learning curve meaning fast, effective and lasting improvement.

What People have to say

What People have to say