Meet the team

Mike Maggs

Partner & Director of Instruction

Mike is Co-Owner and Director of Instruction for the Southern California Golf Academy.  A disciple of Jim McLean’s, Mike previously served as an Instructor at the PGA West Golf Academy and Jim McLean Golf School, both at PGA West La Quinta Resort and Spa. He also owned and operated the Maggs Golf Academy at the Golf Club at Terra Lago in Indio before partnering with Devan Bonebrake at the Southern California Golf Academy ion 2017.  Mike his proficient in a number of cutting-edge golf technologies, including TrackMan, K-Motion, BodiTrak and SAM Putt Lab. Mike believes the student needs to understand themselves and their swing, commit completely to the solution and enjoy THE PROCESS of getting better. If these ingredients are in place, anyone with the proper guidance can reach their golfing goals whether that is Playing professionally, lowering their handicap and just have a ton of fun on the golf course.  

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Devan Bonebrake

Founder & GCA Lead Coach

Originally from Portland Oregon, Devan played collegiate golf at College of the Desert in Palm Desert before transferring to San Diego State. Upon graduation from SDSU in 2007 he started working for Jim McLean at PGA West in La Quinta California. There Devan was able to spend significant time with Jim McLean and was subsequently asked by Jim to move to the TPC Doral location in Miami Florida to be his Personal Teaching Assistant. As Jim McLean’s personal assistant Devan was able to teach with Jim in every golf lesson, clinic and school that he taught.

Some of the notable players he worked with while Jim’s Assistant were Greg Norman, Keegan Bradley, Lexi Thompson, Eric Compton, and Vaughn Taylor. Devan also aided Jim in the writing of his Death Moves book in 2009. In 2011 Devan was offered a Master Instructor position at The Jim McLean Junior Academy in Dallas/Fort Worth. He spent the next 5 years helping develop some of the best Junior golfers in the country.

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In addition to Jim McLean Devan has had the opportunity to spend significant time with Mike Bender, Jim Hardy, Hank Haney, Chuck Cook, Jim Flick, and Carl Welty. The culmination of this time has helped shape the way Devan teaches golf. Devan enjoys working with players of all abilities from the High Performance Junior to the Weekend Golfer, or just anyone looking to pick up the game and have fun!

Jason Hong, PGA

PGA Instructor

Jason Hong comes to us from Arrowood Golf Course where he was the PGA Director of Instruction. He attended Arizona State University where he received his degree in Business Management and earned his PGA Professional accreditation in 2014.

He believes that simplifying the golf swing and the thought process are very important to the everyday golfer.  The simpler your swing, the easier it is to have a swing that is more repeatable and consistent.  Jason understands that all golfers have different physical abilities/limitations and personal goals in mind.  He is very patient and tailors his instructions to each player.  With his wealth of knowledge and access to cutting edge technologies, including Trackman, K-motion, Boditrak and SAM Putt Lab here at Southern California Golf Academy, Jason will be able to take your game to the next level and make you better than you’ve ever been.

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Jason has also been nominated by the Southern California Professional Golf Association for the Youth Developmental Leadership award in 2019 for growing the Junior golf programs and helping promote the PGA Junior League.  

He has also been featured in California Golf and Travel Magazine two months in a row for his Short Game and Driver instructional tips.

Conner Johnson

Junior Golf Director

Conner Johnson is a Southern California Golf Academy Certified Instructor and recently moved back to southern California, after spending several years at the Jim McLean Elite Junior Golf Center In Ft Worth, Texas. While with Jim McLean, Conner work with many of the top junior golfers in the entire world. Conner enjoys working with players of all abilities from the High Performance Juniors to the Weekend Golfer, or just anyone looking to pick up the game and have fun!  Conner’s lesson prices are a great value for an Instructor of his advanced training and skill at approximately 30% lower than our other Instructors.  

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Ryan Faust

Southern California Golf Academy Speed and Mobility Coach

Speed Coach | TPI Certified | NASM CPT |SuperSpeed Level 3 certification | Competitive Amateur – 2020 USGA Fourball Qualifier | +2 Handicap | 2018 Bernardo Heights Club Champion | Multiple SCGA Mid-ams | Arizona Amateur and Mid Ams, etc.

A few months before turning 39, I qualified for my first USGA event – the 2020 US Amateur Fourball. My partner and I made it through in a playoff, beating out 2 college players from northeast Ohio for the spot. During the 4 hole playoff, I was able to outdrive both young guns on each hole, and I made the birdie on the 4th playoff hole to qualify. I share this story because it is the culmination of all the work I’ve put in the past few years on my golf game, Golf Body and Golf Power.  I’m a late bloomer in the golf world and ready to share what I’ve learned from my successes with you!

I started playing golf in high school and I was bad. I stayed with the game, and by the time I was in my mid-20’s I was a scratch golfer. But I was streaky, playing a big draw (er, hook) for everything. When my timing was on I was really good. When it was off, I was not good at all.

At about this time I started my corporate career. Hard work in the office, promotions, travel…all of a sudden I was playing maybe once a week.  As I Entered my early-to-mid 30’s I started to lose clubhead speed from a combination of sitting in a cubicle hunched over a computer all day, and not enough golf practice time… Sound familiar?

That’s when my clubhead speed dropped to 99 mph from an average of about 108.  I knew Now, 99 is still pretty good — but I was trying to compete with the young guns, and 99 MPH wasn’t going to get the job done.  This was the spark that started my journey to understand all things SPEED, MOBILITY & BALANCE to a certified expert Level.

To date, I’m 115MPH and rising and have dedicated my career to helping others do what I did!  And just so you know, I’m not doing anything crazy, I’m just following THE PROCESS and the routine I have created for myself and my clients.

Lastly, I’m a lifelong learner, and excited to be able to help people.

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In our opinion it is the teachers job to adapt to the student not the other way around. Our goal with each student is to find the areas of your game that need the most help and turn them into strengths.

In order to improve, a golfer needs to know EXACTLY what they are currently doing, what they want to do instead, and what path will take them there.  Devan Bonebrake and Mike Maggs learned this 3-step system from Jim McLean and it is bulletproof.

Our different advanced technologies provide our students the ability to greatly shorten the learning curve meaning fast, effective and lasting improvement.

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