Devan Bonebrake / Founder

Mike Maggs | Partner/Academy Director

“Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a beginner, your golf game will greatly benefit from the MaxPOWER Program.”

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Do you Have the NEED…  The NEED for SPEED?

  • Father time taking a toll on your distance?
  • Wearing Out on the back nine?
  • Junior Golfer not keeping up the Competition?
  • Is your Golf Body letting you Down?

Maybe you just want to BOMB Driver!!

Get me MaxPOWER

Why the MaxPOWER Program?

Fact: The farther you Hit the ball, the Lower your scores!

Golf Stats Don’t Lie…


What is the MaxPOWER Program

How can a TPI GolfBody/Mobility Assessment help my Game?

BONUS | Included with your TPI Assessment:

Personalized workout plan that uses tools you already have at the house.

I Need TPI

TPI Assessment Offering

TPI GolfBody/Mobility 60 min 16-point Assessment with our TPI Certified Speed/Mobility Coach

PLUS: Customized Exercise Plan based on TPI Assessment Results

 Just $175