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Trackman Features

Trackman Optimizer

The Trackman optimizer was a feature developed to give the student a clear look at how efficient their swing is. Given their swing speed, what other changes could be made to improve overall distance.

Find Your Distance

One of the best and simplest features of Trackman is how it shows you on every swing what your carry yardage is. Have you ever wondered how far you hit a particular club? Or what your average carry distance is with your seven iron versus your best carry distance. This information is extremely helpful when playing golf and applicable and usable for any player and all skill levels. We do this by hitting 10 shots with each club. You will then receive a printout of every shot as well as your average carry for that club. It is that simple.

What is the TrackMan Combine?

The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Over 10,000 combines have been taken by golfers from around the globe. From the world’s top ranked players to amateur golfers with a handicap over 20.

Compare Your Results

  • Takes approximately 35 minutes to complete
  • Consists of 60 shots to 10 different targets
  • A score is received for each shot and target
  • Leaderboards are posted on
  • Compare your results to your peer group or the best in the world

Trackman Test Center

We can create our own standardized tests to measure your improvement throughout your time working with us. Trackman test center allows for us to actually measure improvement. Not if you think you might be getting better, or if your swing “looks” better, but are you actually improving. Working with us the answer will be yes and we will measure that with Trackman test center.

Compare your numbers to a professional’s side by side.

Not only can we compare your video to a professional but we can also compare your trackman numbers as well. Understand in addition to speed why the PGA Tour players hit it as far and as straight as they do. This has never been more clear than with Trackman.

A new era of putting intelligence.

Comparable to your swing analysis, you can now connect and validate your inner spectrum of feel triggers with accurate, trustable feedback on your putting stroke. Similar to an iron shot, you want to know the full journey of the ball. From start to finish, the entire putt.

Student Testimonials

"I've had a pleasure knowing Devan for the last 3 years. Professionally Devan has shown an extensive knowledge of the golf game and golf swing. I've spent several hours discussing with him in length how the golf swing works. Devan is a great communicator and teacher of what a student should know & learn with his golf game. I've also watched Devan interact with his students and have admired the relationships he's built with his students while helping them understanding what they need to progress with their game."

- Akin Ayodele
Former NFL Athlete

“Devan studied very hard with me in Miami to get certified with the Jim McLean Golf School. He taught for my Golf school and for my Junior Golf Academy in Fort Worth, Texas. Devan has worked very hard to learn his craft. I’m very proud of his teaching skills”

- Jim Mclean
#3 Ranked Teacher Nationally by Golf Digest.

"In my opinion Devan is one of the best young golf instructors in the United States. During his time working at The Jim McLean Golf School we worked a ton with Devan and I was always impressed with his preparation and ability to communicate. The Members at Revolution Golf always left raving reviews regarding his instructional videos. If you are looking to improve your game from someone understands it and can play… Devan is your guy"

- Justin Tupper
Founder of Revolution Golf

“I have worked with Devan a number of times doing testing on Trackman. We look at which drivers are performing best for me, as well as other factors that play a large part in long drive – club path, face angle in relation to club path, attack angle, and decent angle. With Devan’s help, I’m able to make the necessary adjustments that will give me the best chance of winning!”

- Mike Dobbyn
2007 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion

"When I started working with Devan I didn't know that much about the golf swing. However, after working with him over a stretch of around two years, my knowledge and understanding of my own golf swing improved greatly. He helped me understand my miss and exactly what I needed to do to hit predictable and different types of golf shots."

- Scott Podsednik
2005 World Series Champion


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